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Senior and Baby Photos

Deadline: December 9


Every year, student portraits are added to an “official” portraits page by class where a professional school portrait is added for each student.  For the senior portraits area of the yearbook we collect two images:

1.) Baby Picture: 

Often, baby pictures are printed rather than in a digital format. If you have a paper copy of the image do not take a screenshot or a photo with your phone. This often results in poor quality images. Instead, you can either scan the image with a scanner at 300 dpi and upload that image, or mail the image to the school for our yearbook staff to scan. Please make sure your envelope contains the students’ name, contact information, and return address. We will either deliver or mail your photo back to  you.  As a general rule, photos of photos will not be accepted for the yearbook as they typically result in poor quality images.

2.) Senior Portrait: 

Seniors have always had the option to submit a portrait NOT taken by the school photographer.  This is typically not mandatory; however, it may be necessary this year since our school ASB/Skyward portrait situation is still unclear. If you would prefer to submit a portrait of your own choosing rather than the official ASB School ID photos that could possibly be taken by the school photographer, it should be submitted by December 9, 2020. If you would like to submit a nice portrait, but a photo session with a professional photographer is out of your budget, please contact Mrs. Beck at as she is a photographer and has offered to help with student portraits.

When printed in the book, the portrait size will be approximately 1 ½ x 2 in. and it must meet the following criteria:

  • photo should be from the waist up and portrait-oriented (i.e. vertical). 

  • Your clothing is completely up to you, but must adhere to CHS dress codes. 

  • No 'selfies', no sunglasses, no props, no photos-in-photo, no hand gestures, or goofy pictures, please. 

  • Photos should be clear, well-exposed, easy to identify the student, and should ONLY include the senior (sorry, no friends or family for this photo). 

  • Senior photo must be a minimum size of 450x600 pixels (1 ½ x 2 inches, 300 dpi).  We prefer larger files to ensure best possible print quality.  Your photo does not need to be cropped to this size, but it should be a good quality image..

  • Name files: SP-Lastname_Firstname

  • Subject Line: Senior Portrait Firstname Lastname

  • Please submit senior portraits to:  and enter 415464972 if prompted for Login ID.


If your photo fails to meet this criteria, it may be rejected by the yearbook staff, so to save time and ensure your chosen portrait is approved, please be mindful of your selection. The photo does NOT need to be taken by a professional photographer; a photo from a quality camera or quality phone camera is acceptable. If it is taken by a professional photographer, you can provide them with the link on our website where it can be uploaded. Often they will submit the photo for you.