Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Good morning and happy Tuesday! The school year is rapidly drawing to a close! Make sure you are doing all you can to finish up strong!

Attention teachers and students in AP Lit...there is ND testing in the library today, teachers please check Ms. Beck's email for a roster. AP Lit students...be sure to get to the library now!

Can you believe it? HS girls and boys basketball have their first games of the season today at Mt. Vernon Christian...seems like just last week you started practice...good luck Wolf athletes.

Remember to bring your Chromebook and charger everyday. AND...Remember our health protocols are in place to keep you all safe and you are required to comply with them at all times when you are on campus.

CMS Students here is your yearbook pre-order information and you have two options:

1.) Pay through Jostens: Yearbooks are $25 per book.


2.) Pay with a check of $25 made out to CMS Yearbook. Include the student name and the word "yearbook" in the subject line. Hand-deliver to the middle/high school office.

There are 130 CMS Yearbooks available, so be sure to reserve your copy.

Any questions - contact Mrs. Dix

CMHS Dad Joke of the Day:

Why do melons always have big weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.

Words of Wisdom...

This is Mr. Kappes with a few words of wisdom.

Did you know that Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions? It is the major religion of India. For Hindus, the Upanishads are sacred writings, much as the Bible is sacred to Christians and the Koran is sacred to Muslims.

A Spaniard named Juan Mascaro became famous for translating the Upanishads into English. As he translated these ancient documents, he gained great wisdom. He says to us:

Each one of us is a unique event in the universe.

Let's think about that. With more than seven billion people on the planet, there is no one else in the whole of the universe that is you except you. That means that no one else can accomplish what you can accomplish. No one else can be what you can be. No one else can do exactly what you do because you have your own unique way of doing it.

Today, look around; notice each person's uniqueness, his or her originality. It's truly awesome.

With something to think about, thisMr. Kappes. Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.

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