Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Good morning and happy Thursday. HS students you have live elective

classes today. MS students, please be sure to get that extra help during

your teachers’ office hours.

17 school days until the semester ends. That is enough time to improve

your grade or...for your grade to drop....reach out to your teachers,

counselor, Mr. Black or myself now, so we can help! Please email or call

the school and we will be glad to assist you with whatever you need!

HS students you received an email from Mrs. Saia about yearbook, and

MS students you will be getting one soon from Mrs. Dix. In it was the

notice that this year, we are asking students and staff to submit a

portrait taken at home. It will be the first time in history that the majority

of schools across the nation will do this. Don't miss out on your chance

to be part of this historic publication! Hs students see the email and the

attached flyer which has guidelines and tips for taking your student

portrait at home. MS students you will get it soon. Don't hesitate to

contact Mrs. Saia or the school with any questions.

CMHS Dad Joke of the Day:

Want to hear an airplane joke?

Nevermind, it would go over your head.

Words of Wisdom...

This is Mr. Kappes with a few words of wisdom.

Talk show host and TV producer, Oprah Winfrey, grew up in poverty and faced many obstacles during her childhood. Despite these challenges, she held on to her dreams and set goals for herself. She proved that determination and hard work could take her where she wanted to go.

Listen to what Ms. Winfrey has to say to us today:

If you believe you can only go so far, it is an obstacle.

Where do you want to go in life? What are your goals and dreams? Write them down and share them with someone who encourages you to be your best. And then believe in your ability to overcome obstacles.

With something to think about, this is name of narrator . Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.

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