Thursday, December 3, 2020

Good morning everyone! It is Thursday and high school students should be in their elective classes and middle school SHOULD be attending office hours with their teachers. High School students can also attend office hours between their elective classes. Office hours are a useful time that you can use to improve your understanding of what you are learning. Here are the Jump sisters to help with the announcements.

If any of you 6 or 7th grade students are a little down because of not having any electives, Art Club President Madelaine Hahn invites you to join our new art club. Meetings are held every Wednesday from 2:00-3:00PM. If you wish to join, email Ms. Bigelow for an invitation. This club is just for fun and social time together. Our club motto is “when you mess something up turn it into something even better”.

Live classes are an extremely important part of distance learning. We are recording daily

attendance in our live classes on Skyward. If you feel you were marked absent incorrectly have your parent or guardian call or email Mrs. Ford.

Mrs. Dix is looking for middle school students to join The Coupeville Middle School’s

Yearbook elective. It starts on December 8th and meets on Tuesday & Thursday from 1-2 pm. If you are interested in joining this elective, please email Mrs. Dix by Friday, 12/4, so that you can be placed on the class list. Then watch for an invitation to the CMS Yearbook Google Classroom.

Attention seniors: . Many of you are starting to get college acceptance letters to Post High School opportunities. Please send an email to Mr. Cruz and Miss Cheyenne Beck When you receive an acceptance letter for a college, program or the military. We want to celebrate you and need this information for Senior activities that will be occurring in the spring.

Christopher Reeve played one of the greatest heroes of all-time – Superman – in four

movies. But a horse-riding accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, proving humans are more vulnerable than the characters they play on stage and screen. Reeve devoted the last decade of his life to finding a cure for paralysis, raising millions of dollars through his foundation.

He once said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to

persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” His resilience and

grit in the face of tragedy, not his costume or his on-screen superpower, are

what made him a true hero. What can you do to help others who are struggling or in need? What can others do to help you become more resilient in your life? Give this some thought and come see me if you’d like to talk. Be someone’s hero today.

CMHS Dad Joke of the Day:

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta.

Words of Wisdom...

This is Mrs. McLean with a few words of wisdom.

Does it ever seem to you like everything costs a lot of money? Are there things you want, but they simply cost too much?

Well, don't be too disheartened because the best things in life are free. Now listen to this American proverb:

"There is nothing that costs so little nor goes so far as courtesy."

Think about it. Being well-mannered, kind, and respectful to others doesn't cost you a penny, but it's worth a great deal. In fact, it can help you succeed in life. And it not only enriches your life, it enriches the lives of those around you. Today, remember this: courtesy pays.

With something to think about, this is Mrs. McLean. Make it a great day ... or not. The choice is yours.

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