October 8th, 2020

Good morning and it is already Thursday! While distance learning feels like forever...this week seemed to move quickly. MS students be sure you are checking in to your Google Classrooms and get your assignments done, HS you have live elective classes today.

Please call our attendance line if you are going to be absent: 360-678-2416. The

district has been directed to report absences to the state just like any other year.

Attention 7th and 8th grade girls interested in playing basketball...please email

Coach Fox at sfox@coupeville.k12.wa.us and he can get you started at some

coaching sessions! You can also call the school and we will get you in touch with


This week we started Daily Announcements Daily Question Daily Prize...that is

awarded daily!

Remember, answer my emailed question...and win a prize! Gift cards, school gear,

and other rewards are awaiting...and get credit for attendance too. You have to have

your attendance form submitted to qualify.

Our question of the day was....

One character walked by that was not a staff member and was wearing a costume.

What costume was he wearing?

The answer was a clown costume!

We have a MS and a HS winner today...

Our MS winner is a 6th grader! Welcome to CMS with a win to Captain Teuscher!

Our HS winner is a Sophomore...and that is Tate Wyman! Congratulations to you

both! I will email you tomorrow about your prizes!

Remember you still have time to register for Race the Reserve. Registration has

been extended until Oct 11th!

To register, go to racethereserve.com

CMHS Dad Joke of the Day:

What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?


Words of Wisdom:

How many of you know who Mahatma Gandhi is? Gandhi is a national hero of India, a man who made a huge difference in the world by teaching the principles of nonviolence. Did you know that Gandhi greatly influenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? One great mind influences another. Now listen carefully to these words from Dr. King:

We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.

Today, let Dr. King's words influence the decisions you make by remembering that it's always the right time to do the right thing. And remember this also: What you do influences others. Be a positive influence on someone else today.

With something to think about, this is Mrs. Kappes . Make it a great day ... or not. The choice is yours.

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