October 1st, 2020

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Good morning we have moved on to Thursday! MS you are getting some work done and HS you get to attend your electives today!

We are rapidly moving through our first quarter, and it seems like a good time to

remind everyone to do your absolute best to keep on top of all of your school work.

It is difficult in school when you fall behind...at it will be even more difficult if you fall

behind in virtual school! We have support systems out there. Reach out to me or

your counselor if you are having a tough time keeping up. We can help you...don’t

wait until the task is huge...let us help you keep up!

Ms. Bigelow's Art students, have you picked up your Art Kits yet. If not, they are

available for pickup today at CHS from 7:30AM - 3:30PM. Don't forget to pick them

up, you will need these materials for class assignments.

Coaching sessions have started...If you want to take part, I have included the

coaches’ emails with these announcements.

CMHS Dad Joke of the Day:

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they're so good at it.

And now we move to our Words of Wisdom and this allows me to introduce to all of

you one of our two student teachers at CMHS....Mr. Phillips! He is working with Mrs.

Saia in 9th and 12th grade English and has been doing a great job...Maybe our other

student teacher Mrs. Hays will join us in announcements soon...And now...Welcome to

the CMHS family Mr. Phillips...do you have some Words of Wisdom for us?

Words of Wisdom...

Rules. Rules. Rules. Nowhere on the face of the earth are there more rules than on a school campus. And just when you thought you had heard them all, we have another one for you.

This, friends, is Rule #1 ... the Rule of all Rules ... the Golden Rule. It has been spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, Confucius, Gautama Buddha, and Mohammed, to name a few.

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, put it this way:

We should behave to our friends as we would wish our friends to behave to us.

Today and every day, treat others the way you would want to be treated. With something to think about, this is Mr. Phillips . Make it a great day ... or not. The choice is yours.


● Marcus Carr, Football: mcarr@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Cory Whitmore, HS Volleyball: cwhitmore@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Sarah Lyngra, MS Volleyball: sarah.lyngra@gmail.com

● Kyle Nelson, HS Girls Soccer: knelson@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Elizabeth Bitting, Cross Country/MS Track: ebitting@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Robert Woods (acting coach) Boys Soccer: rwoods@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Reese Cernick, MS Boys Soccer: rcernick@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Ken Stange, Tennis: kstange@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Brad Sherman, HS Boys Basketball: bsherman@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Scott Fox, HS Girls Basketball: sfox@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Fred Farris, MS Girls Basketball: ffarris@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Jon Roberts, MS Boys Basketball: jroberts@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Kevin McGranahan, Softball: kmcgranahan@coupeville.k12.wa.us

● Randy King, HS Track: rking@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Beginning on September 28th and running through November 30th, the Washington

Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) has granted all schools the opportunity to have a second "summer" coaching session. In essence, our coaching staffs are allowed to run practices just as they did during the summer months. Since last June, our District, following approval from the Island County Health Department, has been holding practices and conditioning practices following Phase 3 guidelines put out by the WIAA, state of Washington and our county during the COVID-19 pandemic. As those guidelines have changed, our coaching staff and District continues to follow the updated guidelines. Below are some of the guidelines that are in place to keep our student-athletes and coaches as safe as possible during this time:

● Students must present a signed parent/guardian note each and every day they

attend practices which states that they are within the guidelines for temperature

and are not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID. We use the note in lieu of

temperature checks based on the advice of our Health Department. The notes are

recorded on a sheet and kept by the coaching staff for the entirety of the coaching

period. If a student does not have a signed note, or cannot get verbal confirmation

from their parent/guardian prior to practice, they are not allowed to practice.

● When within 6' of each other during practice, all participants are required to wear


● While indoors and out, a maximum of 10 participants (including coach/supervisor)

are allowed in any one space.

○ At the end of a student(s) using a workout station, the weights/benches are

wiped down and at the conclusion of each lifting session, students and

coaches wipe down the weight room area with a cleaning solution provided

by the school.

We are constantly monitoring the state and county guidelines and if they change or are

amended we follow suit. While it's true that we are currently fully remote for school, we also believe that it's important for our kids to have some sense of normalcy and get an

opportunity to be physically active as long as we are doing all that we can to keep them

and their families safe. Our coaching staff fully understands that any breach in safety

protocols or variation of the set guidelines will not only end their ability to continue

practicing but would also end the entire athletic departments practice time so they are, and have been, very diligent in following the procedures as presented to them.

As I said earlier, our coaches and athletes have been working within these guidelines and have been meeting since last June with no violations and with a great deal of participation from our student athletes across the board. We are very hopeful that school and athletics will get back and running fully sooner, rather than later, but until that time we are going to continue to offer, what we feel, is the safest and best alternative for our kids and community using this plan.

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