CSD School Counseling

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Dana Stone

Elementary Counselor



Anthony Cruz

Secondary Counselor

Caseload A-L


Cheyenne Beck

Secondary Counselor

Caseload M-Z

Counseling Beliefs

  • We believe all students will achieve and meet high standards resulting in post-secondary readiness.

  • We believe that students and staff should be respected for their individual strengths, culture and the social/emotional needs.

  • We believe the role of a school counselor should be data driven and meet the needs of all students through curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and interventions.

  • We believe that a comprehensive school counseling program must be aligned with the district strategic plan as well as state/national standards.

  • We believe that school counselors must collaborate with families, staff, and community resources to address student developmental needs, primary prevention, and continuous student’s achievement.

  • We believe that school counselors must abide by the ASCA professional school counseling code of ethics.


The Coupeville School District school counseling program strives to empower students to become independent and productive individuals through a developmentally age-appropriate program. School counselors provide support in the area of academic, social, personal and college and career counseling services. We work collaboratively with other disciplines to ensure that our students are strong communicators and collaborators who can think and problem solve creativity while upholding personal and civic responsibility.


Students in the Coupeville School District have the opportunity to work with a state-certified school counselor in a variety of capacities: classroom lessons, group, or individual counseling.

Publication of Graduation Requirements 

Prior to entering ninth grade, and each year thereafter, each student and his/her parent or guardian are provided with a copy of the current graduation requirements applicable to the student, and the courses approved for satisfying subject area requirements. The high school counselor assists students and parents/guardians to understand the requirements and available course options.

  • **Personalized Pathway Requirements are related courses that lead to a specific post high school career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student’s interests and High School and Beyond Plan, that may include Career and Technical Education, and are intended to provide a focus for the student’s learning.

  •  ^ 4-year College Admission requirements come from the Washington Student Achievement Council, and identify admission requirements for 4-year public universities in Washington state.

  • * Core Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR) are English, Fine/Performing Arts, World Language, Lab Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies 

  • #  Lab Sciences are Integrated Science, Biology, Material Science and Technology, Marine Biology, Physiology, Introduction to Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Accel Biology, Extended Biology 

  • + Algebra-based Sciences are Introduction to Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science

  • The high school principal/designee is responsible for determining credits to be recognized by the district. Decisions of the principal/designee may be appealed to the superintendent within 15 school days of the initial decision.